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Sun, Sea, without injury – How to stay fit and healthy on holiday

Having many years of experience in the healthcare sector, I often see patients who have sadly obtained an injury whilst on holiday.

The summer months of June, July and August are the main period in the year when most people enjoy a break away. This can often lead to a change in a ‘fitness routine’ – if you have one – or undertaking levels of exercise that you are simply not used to as you take advantage of the opportunities for swimming, walking or sports on your vacation.

Whilst the obvious reason for injury on holiday is increased activity, the heat too can have a negative impact on your usual training regime and you might find that you do not drink as much water as you should or have the same diet that you are used to. It’s enough to make anybody feel weakened and dizzy and therefore vulnerable to injury and accidents. 

By taking a few simple steps, you should be able to enjoy your holiday and keep up your usual fitness regime and guard against injury.

Keep moving
You would be surprised how much time you spend sitting down when travelling to and from your destination so make sure you move when you can. Sometimes this only needs to be a few steps when you are waiting at the airport or up and down the plane but it all makes a difference.

Remember your fitness needs
If you like to workout at home, the chances are you will feel the same on holiday. You can have a fitness break but, if you like your training, you will miss the exercise both physically and mentally. When booking your hotel, make sure it has a gym or one close by. Alternatively seek out some great outdoor space that will allow you to train.

Dress appropriately
Swap shoes for trainers when sight-seeing and be ready for any terrain or for long periods of walking. Keep clothing loose and light when exploring the area, but always take a cover-up should the weather change. Sweat wicking clothing is essential when training or stretching and will ensure that you remain comfortable. Most importantly it is essential when spending long lengths of time outdoors, even if cloudy, that you keep applying the sun screen.

Stay hydrated
It is important to remember that the heat will have a massive impact on your training or site seeing, so make sure you drink plenty of water and at regular intervals.

Pack healthy treats
It is easy to forget about healthy eating when you are away and so much easier to grab fast food on the run – so make sure you have some healthy treats at hand to stop ‘on the go snacking’.

Listen to your body
Be aware of any changes in the way your body feels. It is easier to access treatment at home so be vigilant of any changes in the way your body might feel such as unusual aches and pains – these could be a warning sign of something more serious.

“Our in-house expert physiotherapist Ben Muir, specialising in sport related injuries, advises that you seek advice or book a consultation if you come back from holiday suffering with pain that does not swiftly clear up”

You can expect a same-day service for consultation, diagnostic and treatment planning here at the clinic, which means that you can be back on the road to recovery in no time at all…ready for the next holiday!

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