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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a key speciality at Peterborough’s private healthcare Avicenna Clinic. Most MRI scans are performed personally By the lead consultant and specialist musculoskeletal radiologist, Dr. Hany Elmadbouh

About MRI

MRI scanning is a form of medical imaging that is used to investigate the anatomy and the functioning of the body and to detect disease. Unlike CT scans or X-rays, MRI scans use powerful magnetic fields and radio frequency pulses to generate very detailed images of organs, soft tissue, bones and other internal structures. An MRI scan can help doctors to diagnose complex conditions, plan treatments and assess ongoing treatment performance. It should be noted that the use of an MRI scanner means that the patient is not exposed to cancer-causing radiation. Operating the only Open MRI scanner in Peterborough and the surrounding area, Avicenna Clinic is able to offer a more comfortable experience for nervous patients, those who suffer from claustrophobia, children and patients who wish to be accompanied whilst undergoing their scanning procedure.

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Need an MRI Scan?

What are your options and what can you expect?

What Is an Open MRI?

These machines are exactly what they sound like. They’re open, but they still use magnets for taking images of your body’s insides. Rather than being an enclosed capsule, these use a magnetic bottom and top and all four sides are open, reducing the risk of panic attacks and claustrophobia exponentially, allowing you to make use of an MRI to diagnose your condition accurately.

Pros of Open MRI

  • They are less enclosed than a closed MRI.
  • They are quieter than a closed MRI
  • They are more child-friendly
  • They enable a technologist to tilt them
  • They promote equity
  • They’re more advanced
  • They cause fewer side effects
  • They produce fewer artifacts
  • They can offer cost advantages

How much will it cost?

  • starting at £475

Some advantages of open vs. closed MRI are as follows

An open MRI system doesn’t cause the same level of claustrophobia and anxiety as a closed MRI system, since the unit doesn’t fully encase your body. The system can accommodate you much more comfortably, no matter what size you are.

These don’t make as much noise as a closed MRI. The sound it does make is less likely to affect you adversely, since you won’t be inside an enclosed space.

Most children don’t respond well to being an enclosed space by themselves. An open MRI makes it simpler to scan kids, particularly if you, the parent, are by their side.

Many open MRI systems come with a weight-bearing feature, allowing the technologist to tilt them and scan you in a standing position, instead of having you lie flat. This tilting feature makes it simpler to diagnose certain diseases and conditions like spinal injuries and back pain with greater accuracy.

Because closed imaging scans can cause anxiety, you may require medication to control your claustrophobia, anxiety or restlessness. These drugs can come with side effects. An open MRI helps with this issue immensely, causing you to experience fewer problems to have to deal with, like medicine and recovery rate.

If you have any metallic objects in your body from a previous surgery, the artifacts from your metal implants could significantly minimize the quality of your MRI images. But, the open MRI system uses a lower magnetic field strength, which produces fewer artifacts from metallic objects than the closed MRI system’s higher magnetic field. So, you obtain a clearer image from an open MRI scan if you have metallic implants.

The open MRI system costs less than a closed MRI system in terms of ongoing maintenance costs and upfront costs, typically because the open MRI system uses a cryogen-free design and has permanent magnets. There is less engineering manpower required for installation and service. But, since it has a reduced magnetic field, it might not be able to diagnose certain problems.

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