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One Stop Clinics

The One Stop Clinic model was devised to speed up patient diagnosis and treatment by incorporating diagnostic imaging input within the outpatient department. In the traditional model a patient must pass through a minimum of 3 appointments before receiving their treatment.

First appointment (consultation)-second appointment (Imaging)-Third appointment ( consultation to decide treatment)- fourth appointment (treatment)

Time lapses between each appointment for administrative tasks and standard processing to take place. The one stop clinic reduces unnecessary outpatient appointments reduce the time waiting for patients improving the care pathway and experience.

We offer One Stop Clinic solutions to improve patient care and speed up the treatment.


Mr X with back pain and sciatica referred o the clinic. He will be seen by Mr Y ( spinal Surgeon). MR Y request MRI of the lower spine. Mr X has the spine scanned. Dr Z ( Consultant radiologist) report the scan and communicate the results to Mr Y. Mr Y decide that Mr X will benefit from spinal injection. Dr Z undertake the spine injection under imaging. Mr X is happy, he has his consultation, diagnosis and treatment all in one sitting and he is now pain free

One-stop-clinics can deliver many benefits to all stakeholders, the Consultant, clinicians and the patient

  • Better Patient Experience and service satisfaction
  • Less travel cost and time off work for patients
  • Better patient outcomes with quicker time frame from referral to diagnosis
  • Early treatment planning and action improves patients care and wellbeing
  • Aids a multi disciplinary team approach to allow for discussion of the patient’s case between the consultant and diagnostic team and other clinicians involved within the clinic

Patient quotes

“Amazing service, I was referred, scanned, diagnosed and booked in for my back injection treatment all within one appointment – this has saved me a lot of time and pain”

Avicenna clinic specialise in spinal condition and back pain. , The clinic has a range of specialist consultants, operating theatre for surgical procedures and superior in-house imaging facilities –including state-of-the-art MRI, ultrasound and X-ray scanning equipment. We can assess and diagnose all cases of acute and chronic pain quickly and deliver comprehensive treatment plans tailored to you.

To book a consultation or for more information on treating your pain and explore the other available services to help you, contact Avicenna Clinic on 0330 202 0597

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