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Mr Araz Massraf, Consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Avicenna Clinic discusses a common cause of hip pain. Pain in and around the hip is a common complaint as it may affect everything that we can do. The pain could arise from the hip joint itself or from the tissues surrounding the hip including what is known as Greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS).
Ice hockey has become a very popular sport over the past several years, as noted by the increased number of players in recreational leagues and the expansion of the National Hockey League into the East region of England.
What is steroid Injection? A common cause of a painful joint is synovitis (inflammation of the lining of the joint) or adjacent soft tissue. It can be useful to inject corticosteroid and/or local anesthetic medication directly into the joint or the soft tissue next to a joint (this is often called a bursa) to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief.
Sports injuries have a personal impact, both physical and economic. They also have a wider social impact socially on health service provision. With more and more of us taking part in sports and exercise activities it is becoming more important that we do as much as we can to avoid injuring our bodies… and our wallets.


Dr. Hany Elmadbouh, Clinical Director of Avicenna Clinic explains MRI. Very few patients are thrilled to get an MRI scan, and, honestly, we can understand why. An hour of claustrophobia in a 60cm-wide, tube-like enclosure is not a pleasant thought!
The knee is the largest joint in the body. The knee allows the leg to bend where the femur (thighbone) attaches to the tibia (shinbone). There are a variety of structures that surround the knee and allow it to bend and that protect the knee joint from injury.
The female body is quite phenomenal. Apart from the subtle differences between the male and female physiological makeup, the female body undergoes some significant changes and stresses over the course of a lifetime.
For any active person, an injury that stops you in your tracks is frustrating. More than just missing your regular evening run, 18 holes of golf or your favorite dawn bike ride, the pain and accompanying immobility continually wear you down.
With the winter months upon us, a huge number of people worldwide will be dusting off their salopettes and waxing their skis ready for a season on the slopes. In fact, it is believed that between them, they rack up over 400 million skiing days per year globally. That’s a lot of man-hours in the snow.

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